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bob tambo

creative director

Two shots of espresso is what revs up the right side of his brain in the morning hours. Bob claims it helps his racing mind go through piles of creative inspiration and research.

A veteran of the marketing/advertising industry, Tambo has picked up a few awards for his creative work along the way. But his true claim to fame was having his work immortalized in the 1998 cult film, The Big Lebowski. Check out the supermarket scene, “The dude” is conveniently monikered “First in Southern California” by a sign Bob created.

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This Los Angeles transplant grew up in the shadows of the Hollywood sign and watched TV westerns as a child which inspired him to try and become the first Oriental Cowboy. That dream almost came true, he’s lived in Wyoming and Montana for 2 decades. No horse or ranch but enjoys urban living in a Downtown Billings loft.