Pete Rebel - Pete Tolton

Pete Tolton

Videographer / Producer / Director

Peter Tolton is a Billings-based filmmaker whose commercial and passion projects center on community engagement, small business, personal stories, art, and music. He is known around Montana for his producing role on Makoshika, an award-winning feature documentary about boom and bust in the badlands, from the homesteading era through the Bakken oil boom. His second feature-length doc, Return, is in post-production. This project took him to Vietnam for five weeks, following a 75-year-old Special Forces veteran as he reckoned with his past and addressed the roots of PTSD.

With roots in the legal industry, a passion for education, and fluency in across major creative fields—film and video, writing, graphics, photography, visual art, and performing arts—Peter brings a rare, broad-spectrum approach to every endeavor.